hozelock easyclear

Simple to install, cheap to run and easy to maintain, the multi-function Hozelock Cyprio EasyClear is the perfect all-in-one solution for the many small pond owners who want clear and healthy water but are put off by the apparent complexity of conventional filtration systems with their separate pumps and filters.

hozelock pond vac

The easy-to-use Hozelock Cyprio Pond Vac with non-stop operation, low running costs and unprecedented ease of use make the compact Pond Vac an essential tool around the pond. The Hozelock Cyprio Pond Vac reduces pond-cleaning time by up to 30% because, unlike conventional pond vacs, it can be used continuously with no need to stop intermittently to empty a waste vessel. The class-leading design also provides up to 50% more suction power than other pond vacuums so that waste is removed quickly and easily.

how to check a hozelock aquaforce impellor (6000/8000/12000/15000 models)

How to disassemble your Hozelock Aquaforce ( 6000/8000/12000/15000 models ) and check the condition of the pump impellor.

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